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Thread: The Adventure Zone!

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- Hanami - Con meets Festival

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 JudarTheDarkMagi The Adventure Zone! 08.04.2018, 00:22
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Von:    JudarTheDarkMagi 08.04.2018 00:22
Betreff: The Adventure Zone! [Antworten]
Hey there Adventure Zone Fans~

(Sorry this is in English, it is a little easier for me to write in)

Are you wanting to do a Adventure Zone cosplay and don't have anyone to go with? Or do you already have one and looking for some fun with other cosplayers or fans? This will be the place for you!

On Saturday of Hanami, Myself as Takko and my friend as Lup will be around the fountain, looking for other Adventure Zone cosplayers! Please come and see us around 2 or come and contact me at: princeoflucis15 on instagram for better times or to plan a shoot! We hope to see you there!

Von:    Schusseltier 23.05.2018 16:34
Betreff: The Adventure Zone! [Antworten]
I'm a little late and wasn't at Hanami, but I saw so many cool TAZ cosplayers at Dokomi and now I really wanna join in!! Are you guys gonna be in TAZ cosplay at any other cons this year?
Meine Cosplay-Seite findet ihr hier!