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Thread: Wir brauchen Helfer fur Samstag (Hanami) fur Con-Ticket + 100€

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- Hanami - Con meets Festival

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 Gp-collectibles Wir brauchen Helfer fur Samsta... 04.05.2016, 11:50
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Von:    Gp-collectibles 04.05.2016 11:50
Betreff: Wir brauchen Helfer fur Samstag (Hanami)... [Antworten]
Wir sind Handler auf der Hanami

- must be able to speak English if possible
- working day of about 10 hours, you receive 100€
and a Dealer badge (ticket) for access the whole weekend
- if you come with a friend you can work 5 hours each and share the payment, we may have 2 tickets for you !!