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Thread: Verkaufsstand sucht Helfer / help wanted at Hanami

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- Hanami - Con meets Festival

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 Gp-collectibles Verkaufsstand sucht Helfer / h... 02.05.2016, 00:03
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Von:    Gp-collectibles 02.05.2016 00:03
Betreff: Verkaufsstand sucht Helfer / help wanted... [Antworten]
G & P Collectibles is present at the Hanami convention like previous years, and we are looking for a helper who can speak German and English, to interact with customers during busy moments.
You can apply to work at our (outside) booth for the both days, or either saturday / sunday only.
You will be paid for the work and receive a dealer badge with access to the whole event.
If interested, please tell us about yourself and when you are available and we will let you know the details if we accept your application. Thank you very much for reading this message, hope you all have a great convention next weekend !!