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PerscenexArts   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 23.01.2019 02:51
Diese Zeichnung ist ein Fanart zu Kingdom Hearts. Sie zeigt Sora, der auf Destiny Islands im Meer badet. (P.S. Er hat sehr wohl eine Badehose an. Nicht dass das hier als Hentai markiert wird.) Zu dieser Zeichnung habe ich auch eine Kurzgeschichte für meine Follower auf DeviantArt geschrieben. Daher ist sie auf englisch.
Die Zeichnung soll mir unter anderem die Wartezeit auf Kingdom Hearts 3 verkürzen!

My heart was pounding. My body was shaking. All hair on my skin got up. I saw the universe, the stars and the light. I saw the worlds shining from far far away as little bright dots. They seemed to call me. My eyes were bright. They reflected all these wonderful, versatile and exciting foreign worlds. Never before have I felt the wind as strong as today. Never before has the sea been so wild and untamed. Sand tickled under my feet. Clothes rubbed against my body. I thought back to my birth. A voice, it screamed. It showed the world „I am here”. The sea called me. Billowing waves wrapped around my legs, then my chest and finally ... I found myself underwater again. I could breathe, feeling free as the wind, gentle as the water below the surface and strong as the mountains. "Sora!" I heard someone call. "Sora!" The voice became softer and wiser every time. "You are more than a friend to me." Something drew me towards the beach. Was it the soul of my friend who needed me? I woke up. It felt like I was in a hypnotic sleep. I did not sleep, but my mind was only halfway there and my entire essence seemed to be at rest. My heart and body were calm now. My hair was blowing in the wind, which gently stroked my skin now. "Welcome back home." Riku's eyes stared into mine. "A place totally dedicated to us."
As i was young.
Kingdom Hearts, männlicher Charakter, Gefühle

Alkoholmarker, Tusche, Acryl




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