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Angel-Star-Dust   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 22.10.2021 01:31
Dante and her are a couple,he met her when he
came back from the underworld 2 month ago..that was when he got a new mission.Lily lived after the 40‘s in the USA she came as a very young girl to this country.She worked as jazz singer etc.
to get some money for the university study,after this she became a psychiatrist/psychologist doctor(she was always interested in the abbyses of the human mind)
Later she met jonathan they wanted to marry but that shouldn't happen both died in a motorcycle accident caused by a druken driver couple which ones didn't pay attantion in their drunkness to the road.
When she made it out from the purgatory 2 angels waited for her(they wanted to escape and lily had burned on her arm the seal of ashera..so,this was the chance for the three to flee from heaven..who they really are?)
They lived awhile together, Lily was a foster-mother to them..the both were quite young So,she stayed with them and well,they didn't know the human world...
Devil May Cry

Buntstifte, Pastellkreide

Polychromos etc.

Lillyana von Hirschhaus


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