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King_of_Sharks   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 15.12.2020 18:47

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Fuyuki is a very fierce & strong person, who survived some hardships early in life.

Before losing both his parents at the age of 12, Fuyuki lived a happy life with both of them. He was sent to his aunt’s family, but because they ignored him & he felt like a burden to them, he quickly moved out, and lived with his boyfriend when he was just 13. After suffering from abuse for nearly 2 years, Fuyuki had to fight his way out again, and began working at a diner after school to be able to afford a small apartment.

At this point, he met Riku through some acquaintances at school. Even though he swore to himself he didn’t want to be dependent on anyone else ever again, this loveable idiot made his way into his heart quickly. Fighting these feelings at first, Fuyuki finally gave in and broke down one night when he crashed at Riku’s parent’s place.

After some debating, Fuyuki moved in with them & actually feels at home for the first time in years. Mizuki basically adopts Fuyuki and mothers him, which is much needed, and Akaya also does his best to make him feel welcome. After not being able to play volleyball due to his job & gaining weight from stress eating & not moving enough, Fuyuki is finally able to pick it up again after moving in with Riku.

With his best friend Sabrina, he not only loves to gossip, but also to sing and dance. This helps him to find joy again in life…and therapy also does. He eventually gives up playing volleyball once again – and this time for good – and picks up kick boxing instead, which he deems more fit for himself.

Fuyuki doesn’t have any problem at all with Riku sleeping with other guys since he knows he’d never emotionally cheat on him. Trust and stability are much more important to him & Riku provides both greatly.

Whenever Fuyuki feels really cooped up, he escapes to Sousuke’s & Rin’s place and gets drunk with the latter. He really likes them as well as their pet piggies. Eventually, Fuyuki has to face his alcohol problem & understand that he needs healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with his parent’s death & the abused he suffered from.


Father: Osamu Akera
Mother: Ga-Yoon Akera
Son: Jun'ya Akera


More FanArt and Cosplay by me: king.of.sharks

männlicher Charakter, Emo, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert, Vektorgrafik

Eigener Charakter, Eigener Charakter


Associated Animals:
Eurasian Lynx, Skunk



Singer, Model

Mental Health:
PTSD, Alcoholic, Borderline Personality Disorder

Dominant Hand:

being too ugly (without makeup), being fat, feeling misunderstood

Bad Habits:
cursing, swearing, snapping at nothing, violent

sining, dancing, (volleyball), kickboxing

often wears extentions & dyes his hair

left ear: 2 | right ear: 3 | lip: 1 | belly: 4 microdermals | bellybutton

fit thicc

black, red & purple; emo, alternative, leather, skelanimals

sweets, creamy food

bossing people around, getting validation, gossiping with Rin and/or Sabrina

machos, toxic masculinity, being mistaken for a woman

likes alternative (submissive) people

power bottom

BDSM (dom), size queen, giving & receiving head

hard shell, soft core


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