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suis0u   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 08.05.2020 13:54
Alwa is my green witch, a small woman in her late 20s, who lives in an attic-apartment of an old house from the 1920s.
Since she has to live in the city to actually earn enough money to live comfortable, she brought the “forest” into every corner of her four walls and balcony. (There actually are some trees in her apartment.)

Alwa also only works from home, dislikes unannounced visitors (and probably wouldn’t open the door) and very rarely leaves the security of her own space, thanks to social anxieties.
Otherwise she always sings quietly to all her plants while she attends them, loves to be creative with the work on the orders of her customers and enjoys good books and stories.

One of the very few people she calls friend (and likes to spend time with) is Charles. A werewolf in his mid-forties, who lives directly in the apartment below hers and one day.. just started to buy all her groceries and such because he couldn’t stand those two suppliers and pick-up service people for long, even when they only came at least twice the week.

Yeah, a bit of her..

Verwendete Referenz:

Fantasie, weiblicher Charakter, Hexen und Magier

Bleistift, Computer koloriert

Eigener Charakter, Eigener Charakter

Alter: Erwachsene, Haare: helle Haarfarbe, Haare: kurz, Hexen


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Von:  Nudelchen
2020-05-17T17:41:18+00:00 17.05.2020 19:41
Der Charakter klingt sehr interessant und das Bild ist wunderschön.
Alwa ist wirklich gemütlich eingerichtet, an dem Ort kann man sich bestimmt gut wohlfühlen. Das ganze Bild strahlt sehr viel Ruhe und Entspanntheit aus.
Von:  Kazu-chanX
2020-05-09T19:48:51+00:00 09.05.2020 21:48
The scenery is quite impressing and also the character profile.:D
Von:  blackwinged-neotu
2020-05-08T13:27:20+00:00 08.05.2020 15:27
jeez, I freaking love your art so much.
this is so fantastic!