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Aurora-Silver   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 07.02.2020 00:14
Today marks the birth of a very special man who came into our lives.

Not only is he the best friend, comrade and advisor of the King, but also he is one skilled fighter and magician - on top of that, all of his magnificent creations he cooks, will turn out to be unforgettable meals. Once you tasted them, you will never want to eat something else, ever again! Always very disciplined, orderly and at times a little bit strict, he turns out to actually be relaxed, and enjoys cups of Ebony coffee, as well as tea, in his freetime!

As you might have already found out, we talk about the irreplaceable, one and only Specs: Ignis Stupeo Scientia - or, better known as "Mama Ignis" : )

To celebrate this wonderful day, my friend [andbrg] had the idea to draw a Collaboration and I am very happy to have been chosen to be her collaboration partner! Thank you so much!

The upper picture with Prompto, Gladio and Noctis, was drawn by me - Say Cheese, Ignis!
While the picture below, showing both Ignis and Aeris Gainsborough (who happens to have birthday today, as well - so, congratulations!) was drawn by andbrg. But not only did she draw the lower picture, she also had the idea to shape the whole Collaboration to make it look like we'd browse through a page of a photo album! The whole script, design and details were made by her and I think she did a wonderful job executing the photo album! ♥

Her wonderful part of the collaboration (+ Prompto’s photo-album-scrapbook design): Click | Click | Click
My Part: Click

Overall I can say that this collaboration was a huge challenge, but more so, so much fun to do! I watched andbrg while she did her part via stream and it was truly amazing to watch her draw! She is such a wonderfully skilled, lovely Artist - if you don't know her artworks yet, I advise you to go and check them out! : )

Happy Birthday, Ignis
May all your wishes come true
A load of Ebony is ready for you
Wether it rains or the sun shines
Your dishes are always best, and may it be only a bland toast
If Noctis keeps upsetting you, you still show all the patience
If Gladio needs a weight to train, you gladly agree to sit on his back, drinking coffee even
If Prompto secretly makes photos, you don't seem to mind, either
If a Chocobo steals your spectacles, you're determined to get them back

We love you, Mama Ignis!

Artworks (c) andbrg & Aurora-Silver
Final Fantasy, Collaborations, Geburtstag

Computer Grafik

Aerith Gainsborough, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV


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