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Thread: Final Fantasy: Untold Story (Life Action Movie/ Anime Fight Real Life)

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Von: Raaik (Raaik Dragar)
Datum: 14.06.2016, 21:54
Länge: 9:10 Minuten
Thema: Final Fantasy
Kategorie: Fanfilme/-serien
Beschreibung: Final Fantasy: Untold Story is a life action movie inspired by Final 7 / Advent Children and how serious anime fights would look in real life.
If you like series or movies like Dragonball, Bleach, Matrix, Star Wars, Sword Art Online and or just love action and a good story in general, you are probably going to like it, too.

This movie was originally shot in 2009 and I had the idea to remaster it, when I heard of the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7.
I spent only 5000 hours for reediting and you can find the original version and see the difference here:

I still saw some editing flaws and more room for improvement in this video, but, i´ll decided it´s enough, and I better save my time (preferably render time) and ideas for newer videos, projects, and the next bigger movie.

Thanks for watching. I hope you liked it :)

Huge thanks goes my friends from Rising Phoenix Production, who are...well check them out yourself ;)

Also, thanks to 95TurboSol for his awesome free Sony Vegas Pro packages and filters. If you are a filmmaker, working with Sony Vegas Pro and or want to do the same, you should/ must definitely check him out. He is one of the best persons on YouTube:
Last video (The most romantic Trick): https://youtu.be/2cLjfG-ozCA
Similar video(How not to catch Pokemon): https://youtu.be/uoCtAyKB68I

Solution to hidden references. Final Fantasy attack info:
0:47 Clouds Limit Brake "Braver"
1:00 Magic Materia: Fire Lvl 3 (field AOE)
4:08 Magic Materia: Fire Lvl 3 (single target)
4:40 Magic Materia: Ultima
5:00 Clouds Limit Break: (Team) Omnislash

If you like to you can watch these 2 videos to compare:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt63c... (Final Fantasy 7 All Limit Breaks)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLah-... (Final Fantasy 7 Magic Materia Exhibition)

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