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Lennylein   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 14.07.2012 03:48
"A gift for you my Tallest from me! The AMAAAAAZING ZIIIIM! I made it myself."
It's them again! :iconiwantitplz:
My most favourite characters outta the Zim universe! The almighty tallest :D
I'm finally able to uploa this. After my notebook has been broken for two weeks i wasn't able to upload anything and browsed DA only via smartphone. But thats a DAM Pain in the ass. .__.

When the colour was completely done because i affixed the letters there. Haha, you know what, when you cut letters out of your newspaper you get the feeling of creating threatening letters XD

Previously i wanted the line " I rule you suck - greetings Zim" to hang from the Tallests hands, but then i realized the sentence was to long for the the space i had. Plus i already used the quote in my Blood Sport entry ;D

Hope U still enjoy this ♥
: )

art (c) by me
Invader Zim/Irken (c) by Jhonen Vasquez

PS: OMG NOES! reds head is smaller than purples. Or purples is bigger than reds. You choose. fuck.

Ist dem Dōjinshi "BLOOD SPORT - I rule you suck!" zugeordnet.
Science Fiction, Invader Zim

Alkoholmarker, Buntstifte


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