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Lennylein   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 30.06.2012 09:58
Okay, here is the contest entry for http://ibeblu.deviantart.com/ contest.

The goal was to draw her OC chillin with one of mine.
So i choosed Lei. Cuz she is cute and enjoys lollipops :D

and Blu is just like "DAFUUQ! you no leave us chillin here!" >: (
We where also allowed to change her outfit if we wanted to. So i tried to give her a more "Irken-like clothing"
Plus i had already scetched her pose 'cuz i'm tryin' to get better at perspective... one of my exercises for body perspective came out like this and here is the result ;D

I totally failed Lei's eyes. That happens when you fuckin' rush the colouring cuz there is no more time until deadline :_(

Dear Blu, I hope you enjoy what i did here. :)

Lei (c) by me
Irken/Invader Zim (c) by Jhonen Vasquez
Science Fiction, Invader Zim

Alkoholmarker, Buntstifte


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