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Lennylein   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 23.05.2011 20:26
The mighty irken empire and it's marketing strategies to sell snacks.

Of course everything is produced on foodcourtia ;D
But the tallest promote foodcourtia and do some advertising to sell some new products ;D
I guess every irken would buy something when their tallest say "Hey thats good stuff, go try it!"

I do know my beloved tallest would never be so... muscular (and usually i draw 'em normal:skinny and thin ) - BUT! If you want to sell something... sex sells, that is why i drew some really tall and smexy irken leaders 8F
Think about that for a moment ;)

What do you think about advertising and manipulate people without knowing?
Please write in comment ;)

Just by the way: Red and Purple are my most most moooost favourite characters ever! *D*
And i want to point out that this is NOT RAPR or something like that! I DO NOT LIKE ANY IZ parring (!!) (except the OC stuff of course)

Ah yeah before i forgot: Done with markers, lots of crayons and some aquarelle =)

And now: ENJOY! :D
(the very muscular (and no thin XD) irken leaders)

Ist dem Dōjinshi "BLOOD SPORT - I rule you suck!" zugeordnet.
Science Fiction, Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez

Alkoholmarker, Buntstifte



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Von:  Kris18
2012-01-05T22:11:57+00:00 05.01.2012 23:11
wirklich sexy die zwei
Von:  Gechset13
2011-05-30T19:27:03+00:00 30.05.2011 21:27
Hmmm...Muskeln sind ja in Ordnung...aber Nippel?
Am Bild an sich ist nichts auszusetzen. Richtig schön getroffen. Nur die Nippel stören halt T_T
Von:  Xuran
2011-05-23T18:28:07+00:00 23.05.2011 20:28
Yeah schwule schleim-aliens! XD sehen an sich aber ganz süß aus!
Warum muss ich bloß an Piccolo denken??? XDDD