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Peach-Coke   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 07.04.2018 03:03
Too late, this is not the answer
I need to pack it in
I can't pull your heart together
With just my voice alone

A thousand shards of glass
I came to meet you in
And you cut the piece out of me

And as you ripped it all apart
That's when I turned to watch you
And as the light in you went dark
I saw you turn to shadow

If you would salvage some part of you
That once knew love
But I'm losing this
And I'm losing you

Oh, I've gotta turn and run
From faces that you've never seen
Oh I've gotta save my blood
From all that you've broken
Pack up these pieces of me

It's too late now
To stop the process
This was your choice
You let it in
This double life you lead
Is eating you up from within
A thousand shards of glass
You pushed beneath my skin
Left me lying there to bleed

And as you showed me your scars I only held you closer
But as the light in you went dark
I saw you turning over
I wanted always to be there for you and close to you
But I'm losing this
And I'm losing you


Peachy ♥
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Von: abgemeldet
2018-09-21T10:08:25+00:00 21.09.2018 12:08
Whoa! Das ist phantastisch :O ein magisches Bild! Ich bin irgendwie sprachlos ... :3
Von: abgemeldet
2018-04-07T13:20:50+00:00 07.04.2018 15:20
Awesome! Ein tolles Bild hast du da von den beiden kreiert! Sieht total cool aus mit dem krassen Rot als Effekt!
Antwort von: Peach-Coke
07.04.2018 22:00
Dankeschön ♥ ♥ ♥