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xiakeyra   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 29.09.2018 22:24
Please, watch the video

Creepypasta / Urban Legends (Sonstige)


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Von:  Shub_Niggurath
2018-10-30T21:49:43+00:00 30.10.2018 22:49
Wow, that's spooky in an awesome way. Sure you can make children scream :)
The eyes and the mouth are the best parts, in my opinion.
I love it!

Btw. Didn't know the creepypasta until now. Thanks for introducing, thats very creepy :)
Antwort von:  xiakeyra
01.11.2018 09:07
Thank you very much. This character was in fact a horror sculpture in an exposition in Japan. A photo of this creepy sculpture was found by someone in Mexico who called it Momo and invented the story behind it. Soon aftewards it became viral in Latin America and the creepypasta was created in July 2018. There are many Spanish speaking people claiming to have has a spooky encounter with this character